This is our credo when it comes to creating all of our designs.

The passion for the process, the pixels being the DNA of the design and the furious level of attention given when creating each piece. This wall art is different, nostalgic, and produced from the ground up to the highest standards while never being available in more than 100 per design. Ever. Always.

Here, no design is ever just a design, it’s something that is crafted, paying homage to the design looks and techniques of days past, for those that are looking for something unique and limited in a world of constant reproduction.



Giclee prints require stringent specifications and quality standards. Our Giclee prints use high-resolution designs to ensure the sharpest detail in the printed image. Produced by our amazing print partners, using state-of-the art, professional inkjet printers, they use only the highest quality pigment-based inks to create the broadest spectrum of colour.

In addition, our Giclee prints use acid-free bamboo archival paper to create prints with longevity of +200 years in optimal conditions. That means our fine art prints could last a lifetime without any risk of deteriorating or aging.

All of these specifications make for amazing prints with true to life colour that will be the perfect addition to your spaces.

the mark


Every TIGERFIGHT print that is designed comes with a unique digital stamp of quality and digital artist signature, along with a certificate of authenticity stating it's production details and limited edition status.

This mark is not simply a logo, but far more than that. It’s a brand fingerprint, a personal promise that your purchase and your trust is taken seriously, and that your print is always limited to no more than 100. Ever.

Paul Bruwer - Founder / Artist